Before entering law school, Michael Holmes was proud to be an Armor Crewman in the United States Army. When he returned home to California following his service for his country, he enjoyed an illustrious law school career, including working on his school’s Law Review as the Editor in Chief. He also put in countless hours participating in National Moot Court Competitions, especially those involving Constitutional and criminal law. After obtaining his degree and passing the State of California Bar Exam, Mr. Holmes took a position as Deputy District Attorney. In this position, he helped to prosecute myriad criminal cases, both felony and misdemeanor, in addition to many criminal appeal cases.

Mr. Holmes took the experience and knowledge gained from his time in the District Attorney’s office and transitioned into his career in Criminal Defense. Over his more than 15 years as a well-respected defense attorney, he has handled a variety of criminal cases including murder, robbery, and DUI. He has obtained both full case dismissals and not-guilty verdicts for clients facing serious charges, including possession of almost 150 pounds of drugs, first degree murders, and felony DUI. He also has considerable experience with representing fellow veterans and is a Certified Veterans’ Affairs Attorney.

Michael Holmes has a strong commitment to his clients, a keen understanding of the law, and strong professional ethics- three factors that make him an excellent criminal defense attorney.



Michael Taibi’s education began at Davidson College, where he was active in student government and earned an undergraduate degree in economics. His extremely high (in the top 5%) LSAT score was due in part to his pre-law concentration during his undergraduate education. After obtaining his law degree at California Western, he began practicing law. He is eligible to practice in all California courts, including Bankruptcy Courts, Federal District Courts, the California Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and all State Courts.

In his 25 years plus practicing law, he has defended clients in an incredibly wide variety of cases-he is proficient in cases involving DUI with and without injury, white collar crime, immigration cases, violent crime, cases involving military personnel, and many others. He has been recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates and the American Institute of Personal Injury Lawyers for his commitment and skill. Mr. Taibi is proud to be an upstanding member of the legal community, respected by both fellow attorneys and other legal professionals such as Judges. He approaches each case with a degree of care and expertise that sets him above and beyond the average.



Attorney Joshua M. Baskin began his legal career in the Inland Empire area after obtaining a degree from Whittier Law, along with a certificate in International and Comparative Law. He centered his practice around criminal and family law, and maintained this focus while expanding his practice into Orange and Los Angeles counties. He has a keen understanding of the needs of his clients and has an extensive background in all types of criminal and family law cases.

Mr. Baskin is proud to hold an enhanced understanding of what it is to provide excellent service and always aims to exceed client expectations. Before launching his law career, he had a successful career in business and worked directly with high-up executives from a variety of prestigious companies. This experience gives Mr. Baskin a unique and thorough approach to the representation he provides. He is proud to utilize all the resources at his disposal in providing the best representation and attaining the best results possible for his clients. He also is a passionate family law attorney and is proud to provide legal services to the Inland Empire California Teachers Association.



Thomas Filicia, the firms attorney, is an integral part of the legal team. He’s responsible for conducting a thorough initial evaluation of each case so as to be able to help the team formulate a strategy for providing the client with the best possible defense. His commitment to excellence, communication, and teamwork make him an incredibly valuable teammate.

Mr. Filicia was born and raised in California and attended law school at the Syracuse University College of Law. Before law school, he studied Communications at Loyola Marymount and earned a degree in philosophy from Saint John’s University, where he participated in national Ethics Debate competitions. During law school, he served as clerk for a law firm that did many criminal appeal cases. During this period, he became proficient in drafting appellate briefs in a variety of areas of criminal law.

David Ruyle


David J Ruyle, Jr is another of our attorneys who was born and raised in the same area in which he now practices law. Mr. Ruyle received his law degree from Trinity Law after earning his undergraduate degree from Baylor University. He interned with the Public Defender’s office here in San Diego while in law school and it was during this period of time that he began to get familiar with criminal law.

He then spent several years working as a criminal defense attorney in San Diego before becoming more interested in law enforcement. This interest caused him to attend a Police Academy and, after graduating, he became a Reserve El Cajon Police Officer. In this position, he became extremely familiar with the policies and procedures of law enforcement, including those involving drunk driving cases.

He maintained his criminal defense practice and served the El Cajon PD for a time, after which he resigned with the police department. His law enforcement experience has proved invaluable in his career as an attorney and his real-world experience in this area sets him apart from many other attorneys. He now handles myriad criminal cases, including DUI, robbery, narcotics, DUI, to name only a few. Mr. Ruyle is also proud to have been able to share his expertise with students at the University of Phoenix and Westwood College, both of which he spent time as an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice. He takes pride in being able to understand criminal law from a variety of different perspectives.

David Ruyle is a respected member of the San Diego legal community, a member of the San Diego County Bar Association, the California Public Defender’s Association, and is in good standing with the California State Bar.



Thomas Beck is the Senior Executive and Director of Client Operations at the San Diego DUI Attorney Law Firm. He has almost 20 years spent with one of the most prominent law firms in Arizona under his belt, and brings a dedication to excellence and hard work to our firm. He is responsible for conducting professional consultations for criminal defense and DUI cases.

Mr. Beck takes pride in making absolutely certain that each of our clients is given only the best in customer service. We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it’s our commitment to give each of our clients the individual attention they need.



Leslie Pollero joins the team as the Director of New Client Development. She is the first voice new clients hear, serving as an intermediary between attorney and client. Leslie believes deeply in the right of all people to be treated fairly and receive the justice they deserve. It is her pleasure not only to deliver excellent customer service but also ensure that the client knows they are truly being listened to. Her goal is to provide customized service to each client. Leslie was born and raised in San Diego and has for years been active in various social justice movements. Leslie attended college for library science and previously had a successful career in the biotechnology field as a technical writer and project coordinator. In her free time, Leslie enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family.



Our on-staff Private Investigator, Kevin Roncevich, is a veteran with multiple awards for his brave service, including two Armed Services Expeditionary Medals, the Good Conduct Medal, two Meritorious Unit Commendations, and many others.

After his time in the US Navy, Mr. Roncevich went to the Golden West Police Academy in Huntington Beach, graduating in April 2002. He was immediately hired by the city of Cypress PD. During his time as a law enforcement officer in Cypress, he wore several different hats- patrol officer, training officer, SWAT team, and detective. He has countless hours of on-the-job training, formalized training, and special advanced training. He also is proud to have received many awards and recognitions during his time as a law enforcement officer, including the Gold Distinguished Medal and several letters of commendation.

After retiring from law enforcement, Mr. Roncevich launched his own private security firm. He built a business plan from the ground up and took full control of day-to-day operations, including reviewing profits, losses, and all of the other responsibilities associated with being a business owner. While operating his private security firm, he started his private investigation business in 2015. He continued his education during this time while operating two businesses, earning multiple certificates in a variety of different topics related to his role as a private investigator.