DUI offenses are common in California. As a DUI defense attorney, your law firm will receive multiple phone calls during the day and at night from drunk driving arrestees or defendants seeking legal guidance. These arrests are usually hectic and traumatizing, and most offenders will require fast and professional legal representation to exit jail and protect their driving privileges. With high competition from other law firms, very few arrestees will have the patience to listen to an automated message or call back after an unanswered call.

Callers want assurance that they will speak to a live professional and retain their driver’s license. If your attorneys are busy and cannot answer phone calls or are out of the office, you will lose potential clients to your competitors, limiting your growth.

How about hiring a virtual answering service to handle your customers' needs?

Partnering with virtual receptionists will improve your law firm’s communication with clients, preventing harsh DUI penalties.

A Drunk Driving Law Firm Answering Service

Hiring a call agency for your drunk driving defense law firm will help manage incoming calls, take messages, capture caller information, schedule meetings, and answer common questions on DUI. Call agents will act for your staff, and DUI offenders will not notice they are not speaking to knowledgeable DUI attorneys.

When hiring virtual receptionists, choose an agency that will scale your business. Reputable call agents will answer all customer questions through various communication networks like emails, text messages, calls, and chats. How will the virtual receptionists know how to answer DUI arrestees and maintain confidentiality? Your DUI attorneys will coordinate with the call operators to develop tailored scripts to respond to specific customer queries. Additionally, you will explain to them your law firm’s protocols and operations.

How do you tell your DUI legal firm needs an answering service?

If you are missing a lot of calls because your attorneys are busy or it is past business hours, it is a sign you should partner with a call agency. The virtual receptionists will allow your staff to focus on the business's core objective, defending DUI offenders. They will answer all incoming calls professionally when your employees are busy or away from work. Call agents will help your business stay competitive in the legal industry by converting leads into business.

Factors to Ponder When Selecting Virtual Receptionists for Your Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm

Several answering services are available on the market, and picking a reliable one is an uphill task. Choosing the wrong service will not give you the desired goal, so you should take time to evaluate multiple call agencies and pick the best. The factors you must consider when hiring are:

Adequately Trained Call Agents With the Knowledge of DUI Cases

It would help if you chose call operators that meet your DUI practice’s standards. Therefore, when interviewing various agencies, you must inquire about their knowledge of California drunk driving statutes and whether they have worked in a field like yours. Choose an answering service with call operators who understand DUI cases and FAQs. That way, when your callers reach out, they will have the illusion that they are speaking to a DUI attorney and not call operators, assuring them that when they hire you for representation, a professional will always be available to address their queries.

Apart from managing customer communication effectively, you will not waste most of your time explaining the small details of your practice to the operators because they already understand what is expected of them and the DUI law basics. Also, these professionals understand some of the challenges DUI practices face when handling callers and will rely on their experience to streamline your customer service. They will even recommend techniques that have proven effective in other DUI legal firms to help grow your law firm.

Steer clear of call operators who lack knowledge of DUI practice because of their lack of expertise in the law firm will be portrayed when answering phone calls. This could make potential clients lose confidence in your defense team's competence. Furthermore, call agents who lack knowledge of the practice will not know how to address problems during service delivery, which could interfere with your daily operations and keep customers waiting.

Capacity to Deal with Your DUI Practice’s Call Volumes

Your practice’s call volumes are critical when choosing a call agency. You are hiring virtual receptionists to ensure that no call goes unanswered. Therefore, it will not make sense to hire an agency that cannot handle your call volumes, especially when there is a surge in the number of callers. It would help if you had a call agent who could manage all your calls efficiently without missing any or causing delays.

DUI arrestees or defendants call your office in their hour of need, seeking guidance on handling an arrest or legal representation after they have been charged. If you hire operators who cannot effectively manage all your calls, the business will miss phone calls, prompting clients to contact your competitors. After investing in virtual receptionists, you will still lose business and dent your reputation. Therefore, pick an agency with the capacity to handle all your calls and attend to customer needs effectively around the clock to avoid keeping your callers waiting, which could result in lost business.

Around-the-Clock Call Services for your Drinking and Driving Practice

Calls are essential to a DUI practice because they demonstrate to your clients the firm’s abilities and capacity to represent them throughout the case adequately. Hiring an answering service available 24/7 will significantly boost the business because callers will speak to live receptionists anytime they call. People face DUI apprehensions or charges at any time of the day and will require legal guidance and representation right away. If they contact your firm and you are unavailable, they will take their business elsewhere.

However, when you partner with a reliable answering service available day and night, including holidays and weekends, you will reduce client disappointment because no call will go unattended. A reputable call agency works on shifts, which enhances work efficiency. Each call operator is trained in a specific department, meaning your callers receive the responses they seek, making them want to hire your law firm.

In addition to being available around the clock, ensure operators provide multiple communication channels, like messages, emails, calls, and chats, so that clients can pick their preferred communication mode.

Technological Proficiency that Suits Your DUI Practice

Your choice of legal answering service must offer a free trial to enable you to test their degree of service delivery. It would help if you utilized the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the technology the agency is using to handle communication. It is best to have trials with several legal call agencies to pick one whose technological proficiency will keep your law firm competitive and up-to-date with technological advancements. Also, watch out for call dispatch, transfer, and forwarding glitches. Avoid agencies that experience these malfunctions during free trials because the same is likely to happen when you hire them.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Call Operators for Your Drunk Driving Legal Firm

Hiring suitable call operators for the DUI defense attorney law firm will provide customer satisfaction, which is crucial to the growth of the business. Some of the advantages of partnering with reputable call operators are:

  1. Enhances DUI Attorney Productivity

You want to focus on your client’s needs, including having them released from jail and having DUI charges dropped or reduced. Your team of DUI attorneys will not manage this when answering calls and frequently asked questions. They need to focus on handling existing customers and defending them in court. The best way to ensure they do this is by hiring a reputable call center to deal with your customer needs while your staff focuses on legal representation.

Answering calls is crucial as it brings new business to the law firm. However, some calls are not urgent but can distract your staff's attention from the company's primary objective, reducing productivity. Partnering with the right call agency ensures that your attorneys can focus on criminal cases without interruption.

  1. Your DUI Defense Practice Can Handle Your Callers Unique Needs

Every DUI case has unique circumstances that an attorney must understand to craft the proper defenses. An attorney cannot use the same defense strategy for all DUI charges, meaning they must take time to understand the unique circumstances of each case. If a big law firm receives multiple clients daily, losing relationships with clients becomes easy, resulting in an unfavorable outcome and a dented reputation.

Nonetheless, when you have call operators available around the clock, your callers will receive the attention they need to explain the circumstances surrounding their arrest. Virtual receptionists with knowledge of DUI cases will write down all the crucial case details and forward them to the right DUI attorney in your business. Therefore, when you or another attorney takes up a case, you will have all the necessary details, making it easier to adequately prepare for the case and obtain a favorable verdict in court.

The suitable call operators will cater to your callers' unique needs, enhancing efficiency and simplifying work for your employees. Potential clients will feel happy whenever they reach out to your law firm. Besides, satisfied clients will refer others facing DUI apprehensions or charges to your business, growing your customer base.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Will Save Your Dui Defense Practice Money

Running a DUI defense practice is expensive. You need funds to run the legal firm while you want to keep your current, future, or existing clients happy when fighting for their freedom and driving privileges. The business will not profit if you use most of your income to pay and train paralegals and other office staff handling calls. Even if you receive new clients daily, you will be shocked to realize you are not making enough to sustain the business. Partnering with experienced call operators will save your legal practice a lot of money.

Virtual receptionists will save your business from paying salaries and training in-house receptionists. Call agencies only charge for the calls and messages your business receives. Additionally, call operators have their own offices and equipment, saving your business money that could have been used to set up an equipped call office. This is unlike when you work with in-house receptionists, who will require equipment and additional office space, increasing business expenses and reducing profit margins.

Also, virtual receptionists will save your business advertising costs. These professionals will keep your clients happy, which translates to increased referrals and positive online reviews. So, you will attract new customers without spending money on advertising.

  1. Reputable Call Operators Enhance Customer Retention in the DUI Practice

A DUI legal practice that grows retains existing customers. What should you do to keep clients? The first impression is critical to customer retention. Call operators create a great first impression for every DUI defendant or arrestee who contacts your business. The professionals know the best techniques for handling callers or responding to chats and messages. 

Whether yours is a small or large DUI legal firm, you lack the time to handle all incoming calls or respond to emails and messages. Your DUI defense attorneys will be busy dealing with court cases or taking walk-in clients. Unfortunately, this is not a good reason for a call to go unanswered because it will dent your business’s reputation.

Call agents will make a better impression as they will handle your callers professionally. With their training and knowledge of the legal industry, these professionals will be polite and patient with your receptionists and direct them when needed. If the callers have queries or suggestions, they will feel comfortable airing them, which creates the impression that your firm cares about their needs and rights.


A suitable answering service will enhance your DUI legal firm’s growth and reputation. Not all virtual receptionists will help your business grow, so you should take time to find an experienced, competent, and reliable legal answering service.